Detachable Penis’s first review!

The Adventures of the Detachable Penis was honoured today to receive its first ever review. 4 lovely stars and much fun seems to have been had. Yay!

The best bits:

“Hilarious, sexy, some light bondage and femdom, and great space opera… The story is quite accurately described by the author, and is a laugh a minute. My only complaint is, like too many sexual encounters, it came too fast.”

(There’s more to the review; click the link to check it out.)

Comments duly noted. Something to work on next time. 😀

Thanks for reading and enjoying, Alexander! More, longer, squishier detachable penis times to come.

The Penis has Detached!

Cover by Willsin Rowe

Cover by Willsin Rowe

The Adventures of the Detachable Penis: Part 1: Penis Free is now available in an ebook store near you!

After a tragic accident, Jake Asunder had to get a new penis. He didn’t read the fine-print and doesn’t understand all the features of the new cybernetic prosthetic, but he’s got a penis again, so he’s happy. Until things start to go wrong. Badly wrong.

It can only get worse when he discovers the hard way that his new penis can detach itself and wander off in search of something to rub up against. Chained to a wall and unable to go after it, Jake can only watch…

Available in multiple formats in the following stores:

Quick, go grab your copy today, before it slips away!

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